We are committed to working closely with every prospective and current family to make a BG大游 education possible. This section presents financial information families need for their educational planning. It outlines the options we have developed to help families afford an education at The Cambridge School of Weston and lets you know how to pursue them.
感谢BG大游校友的慷慨捐助, 朋友, 现在和过去的父母, 还有我们暑期项目和捐赠的收入, we can set tuition for all families substantially below the actual cost of a BG大游 education.

2021-2022年的学费为日间BG大游54000美元,寄宿BG大游66800美元. Additional expenses range from $350-$4,500 for books, transportation and incidentals.

有关经济援助的问题,请联系 jjohnstone@everythingnowmusic.com.



  • Q. 入学决定和助学金决定是分开的吗?

    是的. The admissions committee selects students for admission without knowledge of who may have applied for financial aid.
  • Q. If a student is admitted and demonstrates financial need, will they automatically receive a grant?

    Each year more qualified applicants apply than we are able to support with our financial aid budget. 因此, not every qualified applicant can be guaranteed the financial support that might be needed for them to enroll and attend BG大游. We keep a short financial aid waitlist for admitted students who we are not able to fund in the first round of offers. 如果有额外的资金可用, 候补名单上的BG大游可能会获得经济援助奖励. 
  • Q. 国际BG大游是否可以获得经济援助?

    No. BG大游用来评估家庭经济需求的系统是基于美国的.S. 个人所得税申报. For that reason, BG大游 is only able to consider applicants for financial assistance who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents holding a green card, and if all parents file U.S. 所得税.
  • Q. 有多少经济援助?

    BG大游 currently awards over $3 million a year through its tuition assistance program. 个人奖学金从大约10%到接近全额学费不等.
  • Q.
    申请费用是多少? 申请费用是否可获豁免?

    申请费用为55美元,不可退还. 根据收入情况提供豁免,并由SSS决定.
  • Q. 很多家庭符合条件吗?? 谁应该适用?

    大约30%的BG大游接受经济援助, and grants range in size partial and nearly full grants to students who qualify. 不同收入水平的家庭申请援助. 

  • Q. 家庭如何申请经济援助?

    家长必须在网上申请经济援助. BG大游 uses the tuition assistance calculation service established by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and its School and Student Services (SSS) to make decisions about financial aid awards. BG大游 requires that all parents contribute to the cost of education for their child to the extent that they are able. 如果BG大游的父母离婚了, 分离, 或者从未结过婚, each parent household will be asked to individually complete their own financial aid application. 应用程序和更多信息可以找到 在这里.
  • Q. 如果父母中有一人不工作怎么办?

    BG大游 may impute wages for a non-working parent when reviewing an application. We welcome comments in the PFS to learn more about the circumstances of a household’s employment status.
  • Q. 家庭什么时候才能知道他们是否能获得经济援助?

    前提是所有文件在1月15日前完成, 2022, decisions regarding both admission and financial aid are sent out together on March 10. For returning families, aid awards accompany re-enrollment contracts sent out in February. 
  • Q. If a student enrolls without financial aid, can they apply in future years?

    The Financial Aid Committee will consider applications from returning families who have not received financial assistance in the past. 然而, since aid is budgeted annually and is based on projected and known expenses, it is not guaranteed that the school will be able to meet the need of families in this situation. It is our expectation that students who enroll at BG大游 paying full tuition will continue to do so throughout their time at BG大游. Families who encounter unexpected financial challenges are should contact Julie Johnstone directly through financialaid@everythingnowmusic.com
  • Q. 家庭每年是否需要重新申请资助?

    是的. While we are committed to supporting families who receive tuition assistance, 奖项不会每年自动更新. Families who have received financial aid will be invited to apply for the next year. Families who receive tuition assistance may expect to receive a similar level of aid from year to year provided that the family’s and the school’s financial circumstances remain essentially the same. A significant change up or down in the financial profile may result in a change in the tuition assistance package. Returning BG大游 families are asked to submit applications and supporting materials by 2021年12月15日
  • Q. 学费包括什么?

    为所有BG大游, 运动制服, 实地考察旅行, 而且大多数周末活动都包含在学费中. Families receiving more than 50% tuition assistance qualify for a loaner laptop that the school can provide for the student’s academic use. 寄宿BG大游, 学费包括食宿费, 所有用餐, and transportation to and from school to connect to public transportation options (e.g. 火车站、巴士站、机场). 走读生的午餐费用包括在学费中. 早餐和晚餐都是收费的. 
  • Q. 家庭是否需要偿还经济援助?

    经济援助是一种赠款而不是贷款, 因此,接受援助不需要偿还.




2021年11月3日- 虚拟 
7 p.m. 8 p.m.

在这个网络研讨会上, we will walk families through the financial aid process for our school Get tips and advice on how to complete the process smoothly. 最后会有时间给Q&A. 现在注册.
Current BG大游 families who have not received aid in the prior year must notify the financial aid committee of their intent to apply financialaid@everythingnowmusic.com
SSS application deadline for all returning BG大游 families, including those newly applying
The Cambridge School of Weston provides sibling discounts for families with two or more children enrolled at the same time. 第一学期以上的BG大游学费将打九折.

Federal and state tax codes prohibit the school from accepting goods or services in lieu of tuition. The school is also prohibited from crediting tax-deductible contributions to a particular student's account.

The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. BG大游的使命是提供 强调深度学习的进步教育, 有意义的人际关系, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, 他们的社区和世界.
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